Tamarack Golf Club Closing Tournament 2016 - Results

The 2016 Closing Tournament was a one day only tournament due to the second day having to be cancelled due to large amount of Rain and the extreme wet course conditions.

Congratulations to Al Pike and Jodie Peckham,  the overall Mens and Ladies Champs.

Winners - Top 3 in each Division:

Mens "A" Division

Al Pike 77

Jonathan Kennedy 79

Martin Byrne 81

Mens "B" Division

Morley Nippard 85

Blair Head 88

Barry Downey 89

Mens "C" Division

Gene Cutler 88

Harold Poirier 91

Frank Delahunty 93

Ladies Division

Jodie Peckham 94

Bonnie Stagg 100

Katie Quinton 104